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njk.co.nz gives you access to direct prices from suppliers of various products.


njk.co.nz does not sell any of the wine or other liquor products advertised on this website; it simply enables you to take advantage of those prices for these wine or other liquor products direct from the suppliers on the supplier’s terms and conditions.

All liquor products are sold and supplied directly by the suppliers. Where njk.co.nz is the seller of non-liquor products, this is clearly stated.

Offers made available via njk.co.nz will always be limited and subject to stock availability. As a result the exclusive prices may only be available for a limited time. njk.co.nz suggests orders be made promptly to avoid disappointment. njk.co.nz will not be liable for the inability of suppliers to meet any orders of products advertised on this site.


You must be 18 years of age or over to order any wine or other liquor product advertised on this site. All sales or conveyances of any liquor advertised on this site are performed by licensed independent wineries or liquor merchants who under no circumstances sell or deliver to persons under 18 years of age. As required by law, njk.co.nz, on behalf of its merchants, requires you to confirm that you, or the person you are purchasing a wine or liquor product for, are 18 years of age or over. This confirmation is required when you first enter this page and then again when you submit an order for a wine or liquor product. In addition, if you are a new member making a first time purchase of wine or other liquor product, you must provide njk.co.nz with an approved evidence of age document, or e-mail/wechat the photo of your approved evidence of age document to njk.co.nz if you are living outside of auckland region. (i.e. a current passport, a current driver licence issued under the land transport act 1998 or a hospitality nz 18+ card) relating to yourself within five working days of submitting your order. If njk.co.nz is unable to verify your age on the basis of the approved evidence of age document provided, or if no approved evidence of age document is provided within the permitted timeframe, your order will be cancelled and your account may be disabled. You fully indemnify us and participating wineries and liquor outlets against any breach or failure of such confirmation which results in any legal action being taken against njk.co.nz or any participating winery or liquor outlet.

NJK.CO.NZ,代表著它的廠家向您要求確認,或者您所購買的葡萄酒或其他酒類產品有關的人,為18歲或以上。另外,如果您是首次購買葡萄酒或其他酒類產品的新會員,您必須提供NJK.CO.NZ顯示年齡文件經批准的證據,或如果您居住在奧克蘭地區之外,請E-MAIL 或是 WECHAT NJK.CO.NZ您認可的年齡文件的照片。 (即現有護照,根據陸路交通法1998發行的有效駕駛牌照或現有紐西蘭18+ 證件)